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Allianz Global Assistance in the News

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Allianz Global Assistance is home to nearly 650 employees. Every year, 40 million Americans trust Allianz Global Assistance to protect them with affordable and reliable travel insurance. Here, we'll share stories about our travel insurance innovations and the ways we help travelers around the world.

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Featured Articles

Allianz - Why Travel Insurance is Such a Good Idea

Why Travel Insurance Is Such A Good Idea

"I spoke with Daniel Durazo, Director of Marketing and Communications for Allianz Global Assistance, and he discussed with me some of the great ways that Allianz can be of assistance to travelers, from his office in Richmond, Va. Read on - I promise that this story on insurance won't be the usual snore..."

Allianz - Mike Nelson

The Surprising Truth About AI in Travel Insurance and Beyond

"At Allianz, we're continuing to innovate new ways to personalize travel insurance with our AI technology. The successes we've seen are a strong foundation for future work and continued development...."

Allianz - LaPidus-2019-th

Man Who Fell Ill During Overseas Trip Says Richmond Travel Insurance Company Saved His Life

"Steven Lapidus said he didn't think much of it at the time, but checking off one important box when he booked his trip likely saved his life ..."

Allianz - machine learning in travel insurance

Machine Learning in Travel Insurance

In Travel Insurance, Machine Learning Is Turning Conventional Wisdom On Its Head - Christopher Elliott

"The goal: to ensure that travelers get the most appropriate product for their trip and don’t overpay for coverage. Allianz added machine-learning and artificial intelligence technology to offer real-time personalization..."

Apr 29, 2019